Barzani Mining is a privately 75.5% black-owned
mining services company that was established
within the Barzani Group of companies, to undertake
the much-needed value add contract mining
services. The primary focus is surface mining and
related services.

At Barzani Mining we are very enthusiastic about a
sustainable and accountable approach to mining.
Barzani Group has consistently proven itself within
the various sectors. They have exceeded the
expectations of their clients in producing quality
projects, locally and abroad.

Our Value add model for Junior Miners
A junior mining company is an exploration company in
search of new deposits. Most of these companies are in
the development and exploration phase and are on the
lookout for land with a higher chance for uncovering large
mineral deposits ranging from precious metals to coal.
We provide “tailor-made” solutions to upcoming mining
companies because we embrace the challenges of the
Junior Mining sector that range from lack of expertise to
financial resources. We want to add value in our community
and empower those who lack resources to reach the next
level and grow to their full potential.

Here at Barzani we always strive for mutually
beneficial solutions with our clients.



At Barzani Mining our core focus is on surface
mining. Surface mining is a wide category
of mining in which land and rock above the
mineral deposit are removed.
Compared to underground mining, surface
mining offers many benefits. Among the
benefits is that it is cheaper and it can recover
more of the resources.

It is also safer and and
uses larger mining equipment with greater
manufacturing rates.

Topsoil Stripping

Our professional team of topsoil specialists,
machine operators and truck drivers are prepared
to strip and remove topsoil, efficiently and in an
organised manner.

Topsoil stripping is the practice of mining a mineral
seam by first removing a long strip of overlying soil
and rock.

Selective Mining

Our team of highly trained miners are capable of
discerning high-value ores that will turn a profit and
low-value ores that are to be left within the mine.

A mining technique by which high-value ore
is mined in such a way that the low-grade ore
remaining in the mine is unable to be extracted
profitably in the future. In other words, to create
excellent mill yields, the finest ore is chosen,
leaving the low-grade ore in the mine.

Overburden Removal

In mining, overburden (also called waste or spoil)
is the material above a region that lends itself to
economic exploitation, such as the rock, soil, and
ecosystem above a seam or ore body.

During surface mining, overburden is removed but
is not usually contaminated with toxic elements.
Overburden (also known as spoil or waste) is the
topsoil that lies above mined minerals.

Drill and Blast Services

Barzani Mining operates a diverse fleet of highpressure DTH (down the hole) and top hammer
operated production drill rigs capable of various
blast hole diameters required for any blast design.

Maximum effort and focus are placed on Good
drilling practice which includes constant monitoring
of Drill rig operating parameters and effective
communication with blasting crew on any unusual
conditions that may affect blast results.
Barzani Mining provides specialised services in:
• Drilling and blasting production for surface mining.
• Explosive supply options.
• Drillers, shot firers and blast crews trained and

Truck Loading

Our team of skilled operators are efficient in
loading trucks with all the excess material that need
to be removed from the mining or surrounding

Haul trucks are off-highway, rigid dump trucks
specifically engineered for use in high-production
mining environments.

Crushing and Screening

We have a proven reputation for maintaining great
crushing and screening plants.

We supply, operate and maintain modular,
mobile and static crushing and screening plants
for our clients.

Roadway Maintenance

Our highly skilled team have a proven track record
of successful delivery to the highest roadway
maintenance standards.
Maintenance of roads is undertaken to ensure the
safety of traffic and to sustain the serviceability and
appearance of the road.

Road maintenance involves
remedying defects such as potholes that occur from
time to time.



All choices are based on observations of the changing
scenario tempered with the addressed issue being
implicitly filtered.
The observations are the raw data that is based on
choices and actions. The observed information must be
processed for further decision-making purposes. In the
notes of his speech “Organic Design for Command and
Control”, Boyd said.


  • O BSERVE: the collection of data using your
  • O RIENTATE: the analysis and synthesis of data
    to form your current mental perspective
  • D ECIDE: the determination of a course of action
    based on one’s current mental perspective
  • A CT: the physical playing-out of decisions
    within a rapid timeframe


Thabo Moloto is the CEO of Barzani Mining, which
is part of the South African based Barzani Group of
companies. Before joining Barzani Mining, he was a
Managing Director of Shaft Sinkers Mining which is
part of the London based UMS group.
He is a Mining Engineer by trade with a Government
Certificate of Competency for mine managers.
He also, among others, completed an Executive
Development programme with Wits Business
School. He acquired diverse mining experience
having worked in coal, diamond (open pit) and
metalliferous mines of which a decade was spent
in shaft sinking operations. He is also a registered
Project Management Professional with the Project
Management Institute of America.
He started his career with DeBeers diamond mines
(Venetia) as a learner official. He later joined the
Grinaker-LTA underground mining division where
he progressed from a Junior Mining Engineer to
Site Manager. He joined one of the reputable Shaft
Sinking companies (Shaft Sinkers) in 2010 where
he progressed from Site Manager to the Managing
Director of Shaft Sinkers Mining