Structural developments have been the centrepiece to our economy for decades as this is the powerhouse generating revenue for all sectors. Our international level of craftsmanship will bring South Africa up to an internationally competitive level.

We add flare to any office park to display your business ethics and beliefs. Our shopping malls can compete with any other centre, by displaying elaborate stylish architectural décor.

Tourism has grown a lot over the last couple of years in South Africa, creating a stable revenue stream pouring into our economy. We aim to impress tourists, whether they visit our country for business or pleasure by displaying a skyline of international standard developments. We create appealing structures that trigger them to spend money at our lavish centres.

When investors visit South Africa, it is important for them to see that we as an African Country keep up with construction technologies. Whether investors are visiting on site silos or attending a meeting at the boardroom of your office building.


Malls in South Africa are a spectacular showcase, to enhance your shopping experience, attracting tourism and injecting South Africa’s economy.
It has become a culture in South Africa to spend time at a beautifully designed mall that complements our landscape.

We spend a lot of time planning the location of the shopping centre to ensure that it is accessible from most main roads and that it is located in a central area to maximise consumer probability while planning ahead for future developments and possible upgrades.


Your offices are an exact portrait of your business profile. We will create the perfect professional space for your business, enabling you to have the freedom of creativity by utilising your space.

Different spaces are of the essence, as we create communal areas like boardrooms and in-house coffee shops with poise and flair by using clean and modern materials.

We strive to help you create a professional statement at intrigues and inspires consumers and potential clients.

Perfect space to work hard and to enjoy professional downtime. We aim to add flow to your office building with wide open spaces to encourage communication.


We develop and design the entire development to your specifications by improving your integrated systems and feasibility concerning our materials used. The buildings can be designed around specialised equipment and align with your energy requirements.

As with any project, it is important that we plan a building that can grow as your company expands and not be limiting.


We design, produce and deliver modular building components that can be joined quickly. As a result, we will complete the structures, saving money due to a shorter construction time.

Our team will lead the project, supply steel structures and construct foundations that are heavy weight-ready. To ensure long-term viability, we put an enormous amount of effort into the planning of the development, including the installation of ceiling covers that aid to the quality of the produce.