All roads lead somewhere, and in our country, they connect us. With our population growing at the fastest rate ever recorded in history, towns and settlements are expanding at a never seen before rate.

We have to keep up with the demand and connect our people and services whilst effectively maintaining the current infrastructure.

Our roads were not designed to handle the heavy vehicles and stress that they are forced to handle today.

Barzani therefore, plan that the roads we build are more than sufficient not only meeting the needs of today but also the future.


We will keep South Africa connected by managing excavation and layer works, only supplying durable products to ensure maximum sustainability. For extreme damage caused by heavy vehicles, we will pave the way with our backfilling services and sub-base construction ensuring that Barzani-built roads will stand the test of time.

We offer refurbishments and rehabilitation of roads and bridges. Our roads are busier than they have ever been. We keep up with current times by repairing roads and bridges to accommodate the future demand with our in-line advanced paving and micro-servicing construction. For less damaged roads we encourage an eco-friendlier and less expensive alternative. Heritage is such a big part of us as South Africans.

We will not only see to the restoration of durable bridges but pay particular detailed attention to the recovery of the historical aspects of the construction by remanufacturing steel and concrete structures.


If we build our country from the ground up without taking precaution for natural disasters, we are knowingly creating a platform for destruction.

We want to prevent losing all we have worked for as a country at all costs; we go the extra mile when it comes to preventative construction by planning for the unforeseen future.

We keep maintenance and sustainability an absolute priority to make sure that these preventive measures aren’t neglected. We use hard, durable construction material for these drains, making sure they stand ready, in case Mother Nature decides to strike.


Without roads, many settlements would not have access to food or medical supplies. Gravel roads are exposed to the elements and washed away over a short amount of time, sometimes leaving massive potholes that make areas inaccessible and can be life threatening.

Barzani is equipped to upgrade these roads, ever more rapidly, as urbanisation is taking place at an ever-increasing rate.


Every life in every vehicle on our roads are of utmost important. We are bombarded by tragic news of traffic accidents every day, to prevent the loss of life road safety is of cardinal importance. Children cross roads when going to school and trucks drive long hours during night time, neighbours commute to vacation destinations and family members meet each other for coffee. Each of these individuals has one thing in common: To arrive safely.

Every single road marking provided can save a life, there for we make a point of using the best quality illuminated visible paint to separate lanes and display relevant road signs. For night time drivers, our range of durable cat-eyes and textured speed humps will guide the way through any terrain, ensuring sharp curves along mountain ranges are clearly displayed without a possibility of falling asleep behind the wheel.


The majority of the population make use of public transport on a daily basis. We use bus/taxi services to go to work, to do shopping or to visit family. Public transportation is linked in a network of terminals to optimise accessibility and capacity.We make public transport a natural alternative for people on the move by creating central bus terminals that are not only easy to access but located strategically. We ensure scalability for future growth to avoid cramped and

We make public transport a natural alternative for people on the move by creating central bus terminals that are not only easy to access but located strategically. We ensure scalability for future growth to avoid cramped and unorganised terminal chaos, making a trip a pleasure for any consumer on even the busiest days of the year.

63% of all travel in South Africa consists of traveling by Taxi, clearly marked and well located taxi ranks are of utmost importance.

As the most important aspect of South Africa’s transport infrastructure, we strive to keep South Africa’s reputation as the best developed Railway System in Africa. By developing durable and top quality railway-systems we connect the country.