We are South African and proud to be South Africans in every essence of the term. There is still a great need in our country for low-cost houses and the related infrastructure. We are ready to partner with the government to rise to this challenge. It’s not about building many homes but about building one home for one family, just multiplied by a few thousand. Yes, we do build on a massive scale and have on multiple occasions broken records but if that is at the expense of quality, it would not be worth it for us. At the end of the day that building needs to be a home that will protect a family for many years and that is why we love this industry.

We use local employment to ensure that we empower the community by improving the local economy and developing much-needed skills. We have proven time and time again that we meet our deadlines. By using durable and SABS Approved building materials, we provide quality, lasting shelter and a haven.

Barzani will go the extra mile to ensure cost effectiveness by using our fleet of construction vehicles and equipment. Not only aiding our country with economic growth but sustainability by planning the communities with further expansion in mind to make sure that future developments can be quickly erected to support the rapid increase of our population. It is through this type of planning that we have developed our proven approach that will continue to make Barzani a formidable force in this sector.


Fighting poverty by creating one house at a time, a house meant to stand in any climate, to create shelter the precious family that calls it home.

This is a defining moment, and it creates a sense of belonging and dignity.

The first step is not to lay the foundation but is to plan the project with meticulous detail. We also employ rigorous controls to make sure that we maintain quality and keep on track to deliver on quantity.

Every step of the way from preparing the site to painting the walls you can rest assured that we consistently perform and strive to exceed your expectations.


When national disaster strikes and our country is submerged into chaos, Barzani will be the anchor that South Africa needs. Erecting temporary houses to provide shelter and basic needs like sanitation swiftly to minimise the post-event death count.

These houses ensure protection from the elements and our clean-up efforts shield from a disease. We take preventative measures by using fireproof insulation to not only increase the house’s temperature but to protect the structure in case further disaster strikes.


When we install residential sewer systems, we don’t only install them – we think about the future in every aspect of all our services, by ensuring our systems are scalable and installation ready.

We understand that maintenance is key to the network, so we make sure that our pipe fixtures and appliances are accessible. We care about the health of our people and practice fast installation to ensure that there is no waste which would become a health hazard.

Our systems provide rapid and quiet sewerage removal and integrate seamlessly with current infrastructure.


We install electricity services that are easily expandable to keep up with our rapidly growing population.

We construct the electric system in a central location to ensure accessibility for maintenance and easier distribution.

These systems are efficiently installed to enable the site construction workers to use the electricity, allowing them to work more productively.


”A roof over your head” – this saying comes to life when we finish off homes, with the same passion and precision as to when we started.

We are particularly proud of our workmanship in this area as roofing is after all the make or break point.

It protects from the elements, and the correct insulation is used with fire retardant properties.