Engineering is the future of our country’s growth. Our extensive civil engineering experience will pave the way to brighter, technologically advanced South Africa.

We keep up with the times by ensuring our structures are highly durable to last through generations.

Our structures pay specific attention to scalability and maintenance to ensure we live up to our belief of future growth.

We empower our people with economic growth by employing locally and optimising local materials and suppliers.

We build structures that seamlessly form a part of the community and are pleasant to look at.


Imagine a concrete jungle portrayed in your city’s skyline or looking up at a massive structure and knowing that your handy work aided in building this essential structure. We can make that dream come true with our unique ability to meet any requirements of any given project.

Our services range from massive water pump stations, dams, and canals. Every project we complete, we finish with integrity and pride.


We know the importance of swift bulk pipe grid establishment to supply water to secluded or rural areas. Water is a basic need and we need water not just for drinking but for personal sanitation, food preparation personal, and household hygiene.

With the current water crisis in South Africa, we strive to ensure that clean water is provided to communities by adopting bulk pipelines systematically. We attend to tribal negotiations if some pipes might go through the tribally-owned land. The pipelines that we install can distribute water over huge distances to support surrounding regions.

To prepare our country for seasonal drought, we construct large water tanks to store and distribute water to areas that are heavily affected. Water has become a precious asset to our nation, and we will aid to create sustainable storage and distribution.


To preserve water and ensuring safety we understand that dam maintenance is essential.

Without proper maintenance of slit deposition, weed infestation, malfunctioning of structures and other undesirable situations make it practically impossible to control the flow in these canals. As a result, the system is unable to deliver the necessary water and distribute it equitably.

All operations linked to the particular dam or canal come to a still stand when the operational factor is breached; this means that farmers using these facilities for irrigation can’t produce food. We construct dams and canals by implementing the latest developments to aid in the growth of our population and maintain them in a functional manner that is cost effective and more efficient.

Dams are essential to supply fresh water in case of sewer system breakdowns. Realizing the importance of dams and canals, we aim to supply not only durable developments but to minimize the environmental aspect by generating new clean energy.


We use a creative approach to solving problems that our country is faced with on a daily basis. By offering conventional treatment processes to suspend material and disinfect water to create pure drinking water during times of drought. The construction of these plants is completed with utmost attention to sustainability and scalability.

Using the latest technology, we also allow the process to run more efficiently than ever and create an environment where maintenance can be easily performed.


It is vital that we protect our fresh water supply from sewage spills and as the need for basic sanitation grows the related infrastructure needs to be added.
We go to extensive measures to assure that our sewer developments are hazardous friendly.

We construct various combinations of sewer stations, rising mains, and sewers to give the best economic scheme based on construction, operation and maintenance costs.