Our residential structures are the precise definition of quality. By using only the highest quality, handpicked materials, we combine solid workmanship with mindful attention to detail to create the ”WOW” factor.

Your new home will make you proud as we take pride in our work. Social gatherings are a great part of our South African heritage, and we will create the perfect recreational area for you to entertain guests and share special moments with your loved ones. Imagine laughing and conversing with your friends and family with the light crackling sound of the fire in the background that create the perfect ambience.

We realise that location is everything. Therefore, we put an existential amount of research and planning into our sites. We have what you need if it be the pulse of the upmarket scene, accessibility to shopping malls, office parks or the quiet secluded serenity to absorb the sights and sounds after a long day at work.

Barzani creates mass residential developments in the specified time. We are one of the few companies that pay strict attention to detail even when working on enormous projects.


Our units creatively use the limited space in a way that doesn’t make it feel cramped and yet still offers you the privacy you crave. Invite some friends over and look forward to entertaining them in your new bespoke home.

Spend time in your beautiful and easy to maintain the garden or inside the modern, open-plan interior. We feature all the niceties from comfy rooms to beautiful bathrooms that include all of the luxuries.

We strive to provide the freedom of living lavishly by creating a secure estate to enhance your family’s privacy. Access to the residential sites is controlled by security professionals around the clock for your peace of mind. Imagine living in your secluded bubble, watching your children ride their bikes up the road, without a worry in the world.


Whether you are a young newlywed couple, with a bundle of joy on the way or are savvy and single striving for success in a starter home, you’ve come to the right place. We provide customizable options and exclusively work with the best materials. We will create spaces with a homey feel to it, perfectly suited to your taste.

All though the style and size of our developments are worlds apart, they all have the extraordinary quality of Barzani’s craftsmanship in common. Vast open spaces with modern finishes or comfortable more intimate spaces are all sculpted with the utmost attention to detail. We create an expanse that you will quickly come to love. Enjoying your down time next to the pool, sipping on something cool while baking on the patio deck in the summer sun.



To help you kick off your journey into the vast and unknown world of being an adult, you need a safe haven. A base to reflect on your classes and to make the most of your student life.

Our Student housing takes on a fresh approach to the life of a young adult. We focus on creating a compact, comfortable space where you can study and recuperate without feeling cramped up. These student apartments will help you reach full potential by reducing transport stresses such as parking and fuel cost as we put in an immense amount of planning around the location of our student developments.

Being close to campus, gyms, social spaces, and shopping centres will give you more time to enjoy these special years of your life. Relax in the communal braai area with friends and possibly meet the future love of your life.

Because we know studying full time can create immense stress we make it our duty to ensure that students are surrounded by the needed infrastructure to facilitate learning.


The demand for apartments are quickly rising as Millennials flock to urban areas. With our apartment designs, Barzani will enable you to host the party of your social-media dream within a clean, open space. We introduce a minimalistic but exquisitely stylish approach in how the rooms flow into each other. Our apartments will portray your identity in every way creating the perfect balance of style and functionality.

We understand that you would like to eliminate any fear of crime and focus more on the things that matter to you, which is why we supply state of the art access control and remote controlled entry. This advanced security along with the safe location will protect you from harm and your vehicles safely tucked away in the ample designated covered parking bays.