Transforming Finance, Changing Lives


Innovative finance for SMMEs, MMEs, government departments/agencies, and companies.


It has always been Barzani’s way to reward and enable our loyal small and medium contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers who put so much effort not only into their own businesses, but also into our development and construction projects.


By founding Barzani Capital, our asset finance division, we formalised the means to give these enterprises an encouraging hand up, lower the barriers to entry and ensure business continuation both on and off our sites. Our client base that benefits from our financing has since expanded beyond the construction field. We now offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and organisations in almost any industry.

Barzani Capital provides qualifying entrepreneurs/companies/small businesses businesses and government entities with flexible asset finance for their operating assets. We do so through leasing and other innovative solutions.


Our options offer the most favorable terms, better benefits and easier access than these fledgling companies could ever hope to obtain from traditional or alternative financial institutions.


The process is streamlined and easy. Decisions and pay-outs are quick. Our Barzani Online System has all the processes in place and does all the vetting digitally. Our processes are aligned with all the necessary qualifying finance/industry guidelines and standards. No unnecessary paperwork, no interrogation. Our advice and the choice of financing solutions we offer are unbiased and always have the best interest of the small enterprise at heart.


  • Financial lease (where both the risk and the return get transferred to the lessee, the small business owner who decides on which assets to lease for the business)
  • Operating lease (where the risk and the return stay with the lessor)


  • Instalment sales
  • Insurance cover
  • Management of assets
  • Budgeting

Making a difference

We understand the predicament of small companies in competitive industries and this is where Barzani Capital makes a difference.
We equip them with the necessary tools and or technology to achieve their business goals and thus gaining the competitive edge against their competitors. Often, having access to finance makes the difference between securing the project or losing out, growing the business or stagnating, upgrading equipment or struggling on.

Our approach is to recognise potential and to reward and nurture it, without red tape or quibbles that inevitably hold up progress.

In this tangible way, Barzani is once again “changing lives”, helping emerging contractors and small entrepreneurs overcome challenges,
and advancing the economy as a whole.